Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Crocheted hat for a baby girl !

I keep working on making gifts for the new baby of my husband sister :)
From long time I didn't make hats, the last one was for my daughter and until now I didn't have the inspiration to make some flowers for it , in sha Allah will do as soon as possible :)

For the pattern I used this one : 

Depending of the head circumference ( age ) of the baby u make the base , if u miss up something here and make the base smaller or bigger , all ur hat will be corrupted.

Some use the Pi value ( Pi= 3,14) in order to count how many centimeters should be the hat base.
It works so : u take the head circumference value and divide it by Pi value 
                    head circumference : Pi = hat base 

Here are some sizes based on baby head circumference : 
37\39 = 11см

40\42 = 12см
43\44 =13см
45\47 = 14см
48\50 = 15см

But this is relative , u can count this value as a work begin , but while crocheting u have to adjust the hat based on the baby head, make extra add in the lines or reduce them .

After deciding which hat base size u need , continue crocheting without adding , so the hat will start taking it's shape.

Here is my hat :
I decided to make it 13 cm , in the pic I added, it shows 13.5, this because I simply forgot to picture it at 13 :)  , and it was already the start of the hat body .

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