Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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Crochet Barefoot Sandals for baby !

Yesterday I was surfing the Instagram and found few pictures of barefoot sandals... I liked them since first  and decided to try to make them .

After making some search in google , I found just pictures, and paid patterns on  Etsy ... but this is not about me :)
I took a deep look on this barefoot sandals and understood that it is not that complicated to make them.

I made my own scheme, as per what I thought that it would be good .

If u plan to make them for a baby who has less than 1 year old, then crochet until the line 4
-  if older than 1 year old then crochet and the line 5 .

Start the work with 10 chains , and close them in a circle ( this will be the space for the foot finger) , then follow up the pattern . 

This is how my work looking :

Then I just stitched the flowers to the barefoot sandals base , I've made.

As an example I asked my daughter to dress them, but this barefoot sandals are for a 1 years old baby  , mine is 3 y.o.        :) 



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