Thursday, December 27, 2012

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Rose head band !

 From a while I think I got addicted to this head bands, making them without stop .... my daughter just see me with a head band in my hands and start escaping :)))))

Today I will be sharing a headband, something similar to a rose .... 
After I made the rose flower on my daughter autumn hat, remained a lot of pieces of fabric.... I was moving them from side to side , until decided to use them  ( as in my case I find usage for everything  )

 As a base , there's nothing complicated in it , just roll ur fabric in the shape of a rose, then stitch it, to stay in place , having some beads to add ,would be perfect , but even without them it looks pretty well.

All depends of ur imagination and wish to create ..... 
I never start my work with a clear idea of what I want to make .... just take all the fabric and start looking, and then depends on my mood I start rolling them , and shaping them, until it's meet my expectations :)

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