Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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Mashallah or ما شاء الله

Mashallah or  ما شاء الله  cross stitch...

I started this work veryyy long time ago, cross stitched half of it , remained just to finish  "Allah" ... but as it was summer and vacation , I forgot it home . Once I came back I decided that I will use all my free time to finish it and make it ready for my husband . I promised him I will cross stitch his favorite phrase from Quran, but as my fabric ended up as being tooo small, I made just Mashallah .  Here is how it looks...

I didn't want any special design, just simple Mashallah, easier also for me to read it . I downloaded the program Pattern Maker for cross stitch  (PM) .
After downloading I moved my phrase into jpg format and took them to PM to make the scheme.

 Here I will add it in case some one wants to make one of a kind.

 From the files I used just the words I needed. The problem I faced was that when u cross stitch the "Allah" word comes smaller because of the Arabic vowels, this way I was forced to re -cross stitch it again bigger .  Here can be seen clearly the space marks from my previous try of stitch.

In this case I used just the word, then later cross stitched separately the vowels. The final look of the work  looks so :

But as I was feeling the work empty , I was thinking to cross stitch a kind of frame . Few days I was looking  for the proper one ( in my eyes) until I found this great book: repertoire des frises .   It has plentyyyyyy of designs for the frames. With my friend Anastasia we both agreed on the design number 104, page 16.

It was even better than I was imagining .

Here is my finished work , and how it looks :

Now remains just to send it for framing and give it to my husband , in sha Allah he will like it !

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