Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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Irish rose

Irish Lace Motifs: Three-Layered Flower

Yesterday I posted few pictures on Instagram with my daughter new headband. I made it as Christmas gift for her, but when my parents told me that to dinner are invited some family friends I made 2 headbands, as they have a baby girl too .
After posting the pictures I got a comment from some one asking me to teach her to make the headband flower ( thank to my husband , because he translated me the comment , which was in Arabic :)  .
I don't know if the girl understands English, so I will try to make now  as much as I can  clear Master Class .

 For my flower I used this Pattern : 

Here are given different patterns of making this flower, u can pick for u any u like . 

On the 2nd picture, thank to the different colors of yarn , can understand easily how the flower is made . 

 Yesterday while I was surfing the Instagram, I found a girl page   #uaepanda ,   (   , and she shared this gorgeous   pattern: 
 I want to thank her for this perfect  and absolutely clear pattern  :)
 So I will use it as a base pattern, to explain how I've made the flower .

Here the flower starts with the 8 loops chain, as for me I like more the magic loop, because it doesn't leave space in the flower middle .
I will add now all the process pictures :  

Here I turned the back of  the flower, and making 2nd line from the back of the 1st.
Very important is that always to keep crocheting from right to left ( as in the arabic writing ) , otherwise the flower petals will not come right .

Sorry for the pictures quality , I  made them around 1 am , after my daughter slept :)

If u have any question or wish to add something, u are more than welcome :)

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