Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Hair Elastic for me

I have a very clear believe , which I try to never pass over it :  If u can do something alone, never ask for others help!  
 In my case now, is that, I will never buy any what I can do it by  my self, and I would never pay enormous money for a thing which I can do it .

Same thing happened with the hair elastic . I bought some time ago from e-bay around 100 plain hair elastics, and use them as for me as for my daughter . Design them as I want and like . My husband when first saw my hair elastic , he didn't believe that I'm doing them by my self :)
Smiled and said that I bought it from somewhere .
In order to prove him, I made another hair elastic and  gave it to my mom .

The things are quiet easy , u will need just an elastic, any kind of rope, buttons u like, and a crochet.

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