Friday, November 30, 2012

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Spoiling day ...... for my hands !

The cold weather hurts the hands and face skin more than we can imagine .... that's why after today  frozen hands  I've decide to offers them some special spoiling .

Here is what i will be using :   Stenders  Massage Butter  (  contains -mango, cocoa and shea butter ),  Stenders Tea tree essential oil, Stenders Cranberry hand cream and polyethylene gloves .

The process looks so : 

 -The massage butter is solid , and it's melt just in the contact with the heat.  I've cut a piece of it, and putted in a glass, then melted it over the warm water , until it's became oil. I suggest to cut just a small piece, bc it will be more than enough, for me I cut too much and we have had some spoiling with my neighbor   :)

- The I added 6 drops of tea tree oil  ( you can use any essential oil you have ) , also can add as much oil u wish, from 3 to 6 drops.

 - Covered my hands with the mixture and took on the gloves.

- After the 20 minutes of relaxing took off the gloves and cleaned the oil with a wet and warm towel, then with a paper tissue.
- The last touch was that I applied hands cream ( but this is optional, as per ur wish )

           It's really makes ur skin soooooo soft,  a high level of softness.....nutritious, protective and unbelievable moisturized . As for me, no doubts, that also is the most healthy care u could ever give to ur hands  and skin.

P.S.   Stenders Shop direction for whome got curious :

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